2nd Annual Perey Symposium 2015

The Ashkar Lab attends the 2nd Annual Perey Symposium. Congratulations to Mira Shenouda, receipient of the Lay Poster Award and the travel scholarship for Best Scientific Poster. Also, thank you to Evan Lusty for his enthusiastic oral presentation on "Mechanisms of NK cell activation following stimulation with interleukin cytokines", and to Amanda Lee for spending countless hours helping to plan this wonderful event.

Mira Shenouda presents her work "Cytotoxicity of NK cells expanded from breast cancer patients against breast cancer cell lines" in a poster presentation as well as a 3-minute thesis.


 Branson Chen also presents a poster presentation and a 3-minute thesis on his work titled "Splenic CD4+ T cells activate NK cell IFN-γ production as a secondary recall response in adaptive immune responses".


Yalda Karimi gives a poster presentation on her project "The immunomodulatory effect of type I interferon on Toll-like receptor signalling". 

Tina Nham presents a poster on her project "NK cells expanded from cryopreserved umbilical cord blood demonstrate increased cytotoxicity towards breast cancer upon cytokine-activation".