Mahsa Shafaei

MSc Candidate

905-525-9140 ext. 22778

Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer globally and has the highest cancer-related mortality both in Canada and worldwide. The current conventional treatments have not been successful in increasing the 5-year survival rate to a great extent; however the use of immunotherapies such as the adoptive transfer of Natural Killer (NK) cells in preclinical and clinical studies has shown promising results in a number of other cancer types such as melanoma. Considering the importance of NK cells in recognizing and eliminating cancer cells, developing autologous NK cell adoptive therapy by ex vivo expansion and activation of NK cells would utilize and enhance an individual’s ability to fight off cancerous cells in their body. My project’s aim is to investigate the potential of expanded NK cells as an adoptive cell transfer therapy against human lung cancer. To address this, we will investigate the ability of ex vivo expanded NK cells from peripheral blood of healthy volunteers and lung cancer patients to kill human primary lung tumor cells.