Yalda Karimi

   Summer Student, 
Previous Fourth Year Thesis Student   


   M.D. Candidate, Western University, Class of 2019

   Bachelor of Health Sciences, McMaster University, Class of 2015

   905-525-9140 extension 22778









I completed my fourth year undergraduate thesis project in the Ashkar lab and have currently returned to work as a summer student. I was introduced to immunology very early on and it has become a great interest of mine. My project examines the role of type I IFN in the immune response to different Toll-like receptor (TLR) ligands.

Type I IFN is an important cytokine involved in the anti-viral immune response and suppression of viral replication. It has also been implicated in immune responses to bacterial infection. Bacterial and viral components are recognized by pattern recognition receptors on immune cells, in particular TLRs. Activation of TLRs leads to the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines, as well as type I IFN. A relationship between type I IFN and TLR signaling has been explored and I aim to further elucidate this. Type I IFN is an important regulator of immune responses and I hope to be able to clarify how it interacts with innate recognition of viral and bacterial components.